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Will of God

The incident was shared during the monthly recollection today

Once in a religious congratulations, the superior called onebof the members to inform about his new assignment, reading the appointment letter he was very sad and disturbed for it  was to a remote village which was really poor. The member showed his discontent with regard to the appointment asked the superior to reconsider appointment. Though superior explained the spirit of the congregation and the need of the time he was not satisfied, he tried to use all his influence to change the appointment. After few weeks the superior called him again and given him a new appointment, reading the paper he was very happy, the appointment was to be the principal of a leading college in Delhi; a very influencial post, after a few moments of silence he said, “if it is the will of God I accept it.”


Our Father: The most beautiful Prayer!!!

One of the most beautiful prayers, which we daily says a number of times. But do we ever mean what we are saying. Even when we are praying ‘thy kingdom come’ do we ever allow the kingdom of God to come? Do we ever amend our ways for the kingdom of God to come among us? Are we ready to accept the will of God, Or rather we are interested in the fulfillment of our will? What is the content of our prayer fulfilling the will of God or rather forcing God to do our will…

Even though we ask the Lord only for our daily food, we amass all we get as if the lord will not provide us with again, and our greediness leads our brothers into hunger. Again we always pray for the forgiveness of our sins, but the condition which we ourselves put in this same prayer is so conveniently forgotten ie; ‘forgive our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us’. And we again pray lead not into temptations and but deliver us from every evil, but if we choose the evil purposely, what can God do?

Lets take a decision to pray this prayer with its full meaning and willing the will of God rather than ours…

Desire to know my ways, says the Lord

Is 58: 1-9

How do we fast? What for do we take up fast on ourselves? Do we ever think of the way or rather the way the Lord wants us to do things? How does the Lord expect us to fast?

Isaiah, however makes it clear that we need to fast not merely from food and drinks and live a life unworthy of God’s Call. Rather we need to testify our fast in our actions and dealings with the Other. The renunciation of the body should help us to control our undue desires and the reactions. Our fasting is meaningless if it is done for the selfish motives. It is not valid if it does not become a source of support to the poor and needy.

God values attitudinal change rather than forced renunciation of something. However we need to acknowledge that the traditional understanding of fasting has its relevance and value.


Mt 3: 31-35

“Here are my mother and brothers. For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.”

In life we all like to claim ourselves to be in connection with someone who is in power, authority or in a respected position. Today the Lord is giving us a chance to claim ourselves as his brother and sister and mother. One and only condition he says is that his brother and sister and mother should be following the WILL OF GOD, to lose oneself in serving and caring for the others. Looking into the life of Bl. Mother we see that it is fulfilled in every moment of her life, she was living a life for the others seeing the invisible as visible in them. Will we be able to see the presence of God in our brothers to claim to be the brother and sister and mother of the Lord.