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There is always Joy in being responsible for the responsibility of the other…


When we fail to do what we ought to…

Often in life situations arise where we need to stand and take a stand to say something is right or wrong. The credibility of one and his life can be judged by the way one respond to situations such as these. At times, even when I wanted to be genuine, lack of authenticity in my life personal life can raise questions.

Still, holding responsible posts, if I do not adequately respond to the situations I would be destroying the person/ institution I am entrusted with.

Action: If not capable of doing what you are suppose to, honestly accept and leave the place for a better person to occupy. (Challenging but good for you and the others)

The Biggest Danger in Life

Life is a beautiful gift of the creator, the newness and the freshness of life is the secret of its enjoyment. As we live the life it is true that we face number of difficulties and dangers. Most often they can be solved and rectified, one could speak of the success in life in the way one is able to rectify the problems and go ahead.

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This morning I had a chance to go for buying some flowers, I went to the market were the flowers were sold. I sow beautiful flowers, roses, lilies, etc. The flowers were fresh and lovely, but sadly I found them being thrown into the ground. These are flowers we buy and to decorate and give to people. For an individual when he buys it, it becomes so precious and important. But due to the daily acquaintance with same, the shop keeper considers them as mere object to be sold, the beauty and the loveliness of the flowers are forgotten. I feel this is the biggest danger in life, for getting used to things and persons they becomes of no value, or rather objects to be manipulated for my sake.

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The joy of one’s life can be sustained and meaningfully experienced only if one is able to rediscover the value of things and persons in every moment of life. Our encounter with the Other has to be fresh and new every day, giving a new chance, and new way to act, or having a new mind to experience. The life becomes so rich and meaningful.

Spirituality of Guardian Angel


For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways (Ps. 91:11)

The Lord has blessed every one with an angel to guard one in all his/her way. He is a guardian par excellence, the voice of the one who is crying out within each one of us, it a voice that has assumed a presupposed responsibility for the one who is entrusting to him. I feel this is the spirituality of the guardian, a spirituality of responsibility which demands my presence in the face-to-face encounter with the other. Continue reading Spirituality of Guardian Angel