Who is He?

The gospel of St. Mark 6: 1-6 presents to us the rejection of Jesus in His own country. The passage ends saying Jesus could not do many miracles due to their unbelief.

It is of importance to analyse why Jesus could not enter into their lives or rather why they could not accept Jesus? The most obvious reason is the fact that they could accept Jesus only as a carpenter, the son of Mary and the bother of James and Joset and Judas (v. 3). They were not able to change the preconceived ideas of Jesus that existed in their minds.

Often, we too are faced with the same challenge in our day today lives in relating to people, especially whom we have already known. Even after an individual has made lot of efforts, we are not willing to accept the fact that he/she has changed his/her ways of thinking and acting. The danger is, we can miss out the Lord who is coming to our lives and the experience of healing and bliss of the Lord that would be brought by the presence of that individual.

The challenge placed before us is to give a new beginning to everyone, though at time it is very hard.