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Will of God

The incident was shared during the monthly recollection today

Once in a religious congratulations, the superior called onebof the members to inform about his new assignment, reading the appointment letter he was very sad and disturbed for it  was to a remote village which was really poor. The member showed his discontent with regard to the appointment asked the superior to reconsider appointment. Though superior explained the spirit of the congregation and the need of the time he was not satisfied, he tried to use all his influence to change the appointment. After few weeks the superior called him again and given him a new appointment, reading the paper he was very happy, the appointment was to be the principal of a leading college in Delhi; a very influencial post, after a few moments of silence he said, “if it is the will of God I accept it.”



1Sam 15: 16-23

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Soul the chosen King of Israel has gone against the will of the Lord who called him to be so. The Lord requires not sacrifices done with disobedient hearts, rather adherence to his words. Since he has rejected the command of the Lord, He too has rejected you as ruler.

How do we live? Do we keep the commandments of the Lord, or we try to please him with sacrifices and offerings (bribing the Lord)