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Dream, Dream, Dream

Dreams transform into thoughts

And thoughts result in action…

APJ Abdul Kalam


Formation for Transformation

It is quite some time that I was reflecting about formation. What and why of formation? The added reason for the same was the next issue of tugboats, which is on the topic Formation leading to transformation, a reality or hypothesis?

What is formation? How can we define it? Though I have already received varied views about it I feel, especially religious formation can and only be evaluated and justified only from the point of view of the mission.

Not a final answer….looking forward to your views…(I really need some feed backs on this topic)


When the church summons Christians to take up the task of evangelization, she is simply pointing to the source of authentic personal fulfillment. For “here we discover a profound law of reality: that life is attained and matures in the measure that it is offered up in order to give life to others. This is certainly what mission means.”

-Pope Francis