Unfaithfulness is not a result of a momentary action/decision rather it is the result of a continuous wrong choices. No one decides in fraction of second to be wrong or to do something wrong. It is always the result of constant thoughts and imagination. Every wrong actions is made right by justification in passing of…… Continue reading Unfaithfulness

LENT is not a spiritual exhibition.

As we stepped into Lent 2014, with ashes on our forehead, the Mass readings of Ash-wednesday, especially the Gospel seemed to have a new message for me. Yes, Lent calls us to Fasting, Praying and Almsgiving. Jesus is certainly not playing down the age-old practice of asceticism. However, he draws our attention to the vanity…… Continue reading LENT is not a spiritual exhibition.

Desire to know my ways, says the Lord

Is 58: 1-9 How do we fast? What for do we take up fast on ourselves? Do we ever think of the way or rather the way the Lord wants us to do things? How does the Lord expect us to fast? Isaiah, however makes it clear that we need to fast not merely from…… Continue reading Desire to know my ways, says the Lord

Beyond the Great Lenten Facebook Fast

I thought some of these ideas of sacrifice during the season of lent would be nice and worth…  Lent is about recommitting to prayer, fasting so as to make room for God and almsgiving to relearn self-giving love — and for many of us, the biggest obstacle to prayer is social media, the biggest time-waster…… Continue reading Beyond the Great Lenten Facebook Fast

With a broken heart I come before you o Lord

“Return to me with your whole heart, with fasting and weeping and morning. Rend you hearts not your garments, and return to the Lord your God. For gracious and merciful is he, slow to anger, rich in kindness, and relenting in punishment.” (Jl. 2: 12-13) Reflection: Lord does not want you to rend your cloths, rather…… Continue reading With a broken heart I come before you o Lord

Rend your Hearts, Not your Garments…

Jl 2: 12-18 Dear Lord in real repentance we come before you, we pray that you may change our ways of thinking and doing for the kingdom of heaven. Lord exhorts us to return to him from our ways of selfishness, with whole heart, with fasting, and weeping and mourning. However, Lord does not expect…… Continue reading Rend your Hearts, Not your Garments…

Journey of Love

Up Coming… LOVE IS NOT THE DESTINY of one’s life rather it is the JOURNEY OF LIFETIME. What counts in life is, not how much love you have in the beginning rather how intimate you become. Still, we love and we learn to love. <<Journey of Love>> is a venture to experience and share the…… Continue reading Journey of Love

Simon to Veronica

Simon of Cyrene  and Veronica are persons whom Jesus encounters during his last journey to Calvary. However, I feel they represent two attitudes in life. Simon as he was returning from the field was forced to help Jesus, though unwillingly he decides to do it. (How far we move out to help others in need and what motivates…… Continue reading Simon to Veronica