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How will you define a leader?

In the light of things that happened today, especially during the mansoon matches @KJC (deatils will come soon) I feel like defining a leader as:

A person who has a vision for the people who are under his care and who is able to transform this vision into a mission through various activities. 

May be better framed in negation, leader is a person who is not willing to act to make happy the majority/minority of the members of the group though knowing their demands are wrong and not worth of fighting for. 

Pray that may our political, social and religious leaders may understand this great truth…

Punch: Justification can’t transform evil into good…


You shall shepherd My People

2 Sam 5: 1-7

You shall shepherd my People Israel, a promise and a command of the Lord to David. To shepherd means to be with the sheep, being with them and being one among them, feeling and sharing in their joys and sorrows. If the shepherd is not with the sheep he tends not to understand them, for he knows not where and how they live. The challenge for every Christian is to become a shepherd, as Pope Francis says, to become shepherd who has the smell of the sheep.