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What is prayer? It is an age old question that many sipitual gurus have tried explaining to us, after all what is prayer. Yet there is no one understanding of it. 

Fr PI Thomas during the mass explained prayer as ‘resting in God‘ and I found it very meaningful this explanation. 

Even if we don’t understand it, I should say prayer must resting in God, for rest is not a luxury, rather a necessity of every human being…we feel refreshed after the rest, energetic for another day of activities, prayer should lead us to the same experience.

Resting in God, we must be made strong for doing good. 


Being Myself

Often we find mistakes with ourselves and that is the way we are thought to be humble. But is the correct way of doing thing? 

It’s not about accepting the mistake that we commit, but about the unnecessary guilt that we place in ourselves in comparison with others and other situations. 

I feel all I have to do today is be myself….because I am more than good enough. 

…God told me so!

A Beautiful Payer

“I do not attempt, O Lord, to penetrate Thy profundity, for I deem my intellect in no way sufficient there unto, but I desire to understand in some degree Thy truth, which my heart believes and loves. For I do not seek to understand, in order that I may believe; but I believe, that I may understand. For I believe this too, that unless I believed, I should not understand.”

It is really a wonderful prayer of St. Anselm. I feel, I really need to make it my own. The faith is much greater than the realm of understanding though I do not grasp it.

Holy Rosary: What and Why?

RosaryLooking into the history there are different views about the origin and the growth of this devotion. According to tradition, the concept of the rosary was given to Saint Dominic in an apparition by the Virgin Mary in the year 1214 in the church of Prouille. This Marian apparition received the title of Our Lady of the Rosary.

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The Snake and the Rosary: Dream of St. John Bosco

rosary02I want to tell you a dream I had some nights ago, most probably on the eve of the Assumption. I dreamed that I was at my brother’s home at Castelnuovo d’ Asti with all my boys. While they were at play, a total stranger came up to me and asked me to go with him. He took me to a meadow alongside the playground and pointed to a huge, ugly snake, over twenty feet long, coiled in the grass. Continue reading The Snake and the Rosary: Dream of St. John Bosco

I Choose to Do!!!

Movie Review: Noah (2014) (English)


Yesterday afternoon I found some time watch the movie Noah. It is a wonderful depiction of a bible theme (the story of Noah from the Old Testament) apt for our time.

We tend to accuse God for everything that happens to us, most often for the not so good things that take place in our life. God becomes, for, many of us, a giver of things which we want not even what he thinks best.

However the movie tells the story of a man who decides to act according to the wish of the God for the betterment of the creation. The most beautiful part is that God does not tell him anything that he needs to do, rather in various dreams some things are reveled then remains to his decision to do or not. It is in himself that he finds the voice of God and he is ready to respond to it even when it is the worst thing to do. The movie speaks of a God who is not interested in predestining the future of Noah, rather who is interested in giving him a chance to take the decisions.

The movie also have an ecological point of view, so to day when it stress the human as the destructs of the creation and the nature. It also clearly mentions the myth that the meat can make us strong. The movie depicts the man with greed and revenge as worse than animals.

The director has taken a wonder full turn to express the need to take charge of our life rather than accusing God for all that is happening. It is a wonderful movie I really enjoyed it.