How cruel their God will be?

It is an embarrassing question, isn’t it? But the human behaviors at times asks us to raise question like this. The attack on the military school in Pakistan was one of the worst attack on humanity in the recent years. The innocent children are short dead in the name of God. It was quite shocking…… Continue reading How cruel their God will be?

Holy Rosary: What and Why?

Looking into the history there are different views about the origin and the growth of this devotion. According to tradition, the concept of the rosary was given to Saint Dominic in an apparition by the Virgin Mary in the year 1214 in the church of Prouille. This Marian apparition received the title of Our Lady of…… Continue reading Holy Rosary: What and Why?

The Snake and the Rosary: Dream of St. John Bosco

I want to tell you a dream I had some nights ago, most probably on the eve of the Assumption. I dreamed that I was at my brother’s home at Castelnuovo d’ Asti with all my boys. While they were at play, a total stranger came up to me and asked me to go with…… Continue reading The Snake and the Rosary: Dream of St. John Bosco

What does God require: Praise or Petitions?

God said to Moses I AM WHO I AM (Ex. 3.14). The unchangeable reality, ever same. Then what are we trying to do by praying? Can we achieve the favor of God by Prayer? What does God require praise or petition? There were 2 incidents that made me reflect on this question last week. The…… Continue reading What does God require: Praise or Petitions?

I Choose to Do!!!

Movie Review: Noah (2014) (English) Yesterday afternoon I found some time watch the movie Noah. It is a wonderful depiction of a bible theme (the story of Noah from the Old Testament) apt for our time. We tend to accuse God for everything that happens to us, most often for the not so good things…… Continue reading I Choose to Do!!!