Four Steps for a Better Weltanschauung

image courtesy: Step One: Identify the negative feeling in you Step Two Understand that they are in you, (not in the world, not in external reality) Step Three Learn to see then as not an essential part of ‘I’; (they are passing they come and go) Step Four Understand that when you change, everything changes,…… Continue reading Four Steps for a Better Weltanschauung

Greatness of Love Marriage!!!

Love one another as I have loved you, the greatest commandment of the lord to his followers. Love is a decision to nature, to take care. Once a boy asked the teacher “Sir what is the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’? Socrates thought for a while and said “When you ‘like’ a flower, you just…… Continue reading Greatness of Love Marriage!!!

Desire to know my ways, says the Lord

Is 58: 1-9 How do we fast? What for do we take up fast on ourselves? Do we ever think of the way or rather the way the Lord wants us to do things? How does the Lord expect us to fast? Isaiah, however makes it clear that we need to fast not merely from…… Continue reading Desire to know my ways, says the Lord