During a session for the youth at Don Bosco Mampetta I asked them to write down some of the desires that they have fulfilled in their lives. I was surprised by some of the answers. Some of them said

I had a desire to find the financial needs of my family for a day, and I achieved it.

Another said, I had the desire to help my father for farming, and I achieved it.

I felt very proud for the way they looked at life and they organized their time and energy for the fulfillment of the same.

As days going I realize more and more that there is a greater ethics that exist among the youth, but it is often so called mentors failed to realize it.


Looking for…

During the good night talk Fr Tom shared quite an insightful thought. What attracted me most was this

No one goes to the gold mines looking for the dirt, though most of it is that

Rather everyone comes with a desire to find pure Gold…

The question is, send to the world of youth what am I looking for? I can live a life blaming everyone and everything for not being up to my expectations. But I should never forget the fact that there is a bit of gold in everyone and in every situation. Am I ready to look for it rather than blame the people and the situations.



Desire is something very fascinating to think about. I remember reading it is desire for something that keeps us going ahead when faced with unexplainable realities. One also should not forget the wise words of Buddha ‘desire is the cause of every suffering.’ Though miles apart the above mentioned ideas they have something beautiful in themselves.

Recently I came across this statement;

“Don’t seek to fulfill desire so much as to understand desire. And don’t just renounce the object of your desire, understand them; see them in their true light.”

Still pondering over the meaning…. I feel it has also lot to do with the understanding the difference between “need and desire” which Levinas makes in his philosophy.

Four Steps for a Better Weltanschauung


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Step One:

Identify the negative feeling in you

Step Two

Understand that they are in you, (not in the world, not in external reality)

Step Three

Learn to see then as not an essential part of ‘I’; (they are passing they come and go)

Step Four

Understand that when you change, everything changes, so change needs to be within you.

Greatness of Love Marriage!!!


Love one another as I have loved you, the greatest commandment of the lord to his followers. Love is a decision to nature, to take care.

Once a boy asked the teacher

“Sir what is the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’?

Socrates thought for a while and said

“When you ‘like’ a flower, you just pluck it. But when you ‘love’ a flower, you water it daily Continue reading “Greatness of Love Marriage!!!”

True to Myself

Oh God….Desire to achieve fame and name…feeling to fill the blog with all that I had…. I am dead I am tired…

The feeling of being lost in the air…it’s too much   It’s almost not me…

I have decided not to fill my blog with all the collections that I have…


I want to make it Personal; what I am & what I do

feeling ur great support

with love

Water Fall
Water Fall

Desire to know my ways, says the Lord

Is 58: 1-9

How do we fast? What for do we take up fast on ourselves? Do we ever think of the way or rather the way the Lord wants us to do things? How does the Lord expect us to fast?

Isaiah, however makes it clear that we need to fast not merely from food and drinks and live a life unworthy of God’s Call. Rather we need to testify our fast in our actions and dealings with the Other. The renunciation of the body should help us to control our undue desires and the reactions. Our fasting is meaningless if it is done for the selfish motives. It is not valid if it does not become a source of support to the poor and needy.

God values attitudinal change rather than forced renunciation of something. However we need to acknowledge that the traditional understanding of fasting has its relevance and value.