Unfaithfulness is not a result of a momentary action/decision rather it is the result of a continuous wrong choices. No one decides in fraction of second to be wrong or to do something wrong. It is always the result of constant thoughts and imagination. Every wrong actions is made right by justification in passing of…… Continue reading Unfaithfulness

Greatness of Love Marriage!!!

Love one another as I have loved you, the greatest commandment of the lord to his followers. Love is a decision to nature, to take care. Once a boy asked the teacher “Sir what is the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’? Socrates thought for a while and said “When you ‘like’ a flower, you just…… Continue reading Greatness of Love Marriage!!!

The Jeans Pant Vocation

The Jeans Pant VocationI lost my father early in life and my elder brother was the one who took care of me all along. I looked up to him as my father and his word mattered the most to me. After my initial schooling, I was keen to join the ITI (Technical skill training) or college,…… Continue reading The Jeans Pant Vocation