Women and Fear

In the movie ‘Take off” Sameera, the main character says something to this sense;

‘I lived my life always in fear… younger days fear of the father, then of the husband and now of the child.’

Is it a tragedy everyone especially the women in our society has to face?


Take off

I must say take off is one of the best Malayalam movies that I have seen in the recent past. The movie presents the true story of a group of Malayali nurses who was captured when terrorists took over the city of Tikrit in Iraq and their rescue operation. I must say to watch just as a movie, it is really a thriller, however, it can also bring light into the life and sufferings that nurses at large face, even when they smile at us and especially to the sufferings faced by those who were in Iraq in 2014 when it was attacked…
I love watching, I must say it is a must watch…

Summer Apostolate

Technically speaking we have a long summer holidays in KJC. However, one need to understand the term holidays in a very Salesian way. I am told in Salesian circles holidays also would mean change of occupation. It is very true in my case at least, for this summer during my holidays I and Br. Santhosh are trying to update the data in our province website. Though quite challenging, enjoying it for now.

Giving What You Have!

It is the law of the nature that we are only able to give what we have. Just reflecting about life, once can see what one has. If others feel positive in my presence, naturally it means I am filled with positive energy; in the same way, if others are affected negatively in my presence it naturally mean I am filled with negative energy.

The question is what do I radiate in my life?


Selfishness has become so much part of our life or rather we can say with the help of development in psychology we have come to realize the role of selfishness in every action of ours. 

When a father wants his child to be the best….he is selfish

When a teacher wants his students to perform well in the exams…she is selfish

When a doctor wants his patients to get well … he is selfish

Just say we cannot take away selfishness from our action but we can make our intentions better. 

Point to ponder: We speak of looking from the others point of view but it often ends up for my advantage.

SSG Picnic

We had a day of outing for the students of SSG (Social Service Grid, a social work sector of Kristu Jyoti College) yesterday to the tulips resort in Bangalore. It was quite a wonderful time that we had. Since the elderly children were taken last Sunday to Thalakadu, a place near Mysore the day was set apart for the children from 1-4 classes.

Though, we were under bit of tension, I must say the children enjoyed to the full. I was interesting to notice how the attention of children is shifting from one thing to the other. They may fall, fight, forget something however in few moments they forget and start again with something new. A great lesson learn for us adults.

Every disappointment will lead to hope

hope1It is an interesting observation in life that every disappointment leads one to a new hope.

Hegel, one of the modern philosophers would speak of a process of thesis, antithesis and synthesis as the cyclic process on which carries on in the world and in its history.

It is also true in the case of disappointment and hope. It is clearly understood in a political context. When we elect a new government everyone has the hope that they will do the best for the people but often they disappoint the people. However, in the next election we elect another group with the same hope.

So the rhythm of disappointment and hope is carried on life.

Age Matters

Age matters …it matters a lot. These days I had an opportunity to attend a class taken by an aged professor. It was quite…(I don’t know what to say). However, some of the common characters that I have noticed in his lectures were:

  1. Undue Glorification of the Past
  2. Extreme criticism/negativity to the present world and its generation
  3. An objective judgment on anything that happened (generalizing things)
  4. An over self confidence (about himself and about his times and methods)
  5. A feeling of undue authority over the Subject, and so on

However, the thought that stuck me all these while was about the character presented in the first part of the movie, oru muthassi gadha, may be the second part of the movie can draw some light into the situations we discussed above.

Yet, I would like to make clear I am in no way interested in making a judgment on his person or on his believes. Neither I will be interested in generalizing what I said above.


Tomorrow will never Come…

Tomorrow will never come…until I start today. It is very true of my blogging too. The previous months were really busy and filled with many activities especially as the first years were organizing the Don Bosco Month at KJC. However, days that passed were of learning experience. I shall mention some of those in the coming days. Though it’s quite late the New Year has its newness around…let us keep it.

Being Myself

Often we find mistakes with ourselves and that is the way we are thought to be humble. But is the correct way of doing thing? 

It’s not about accepting the mistake that we commit, but about the unnecessary guilt that we place in ourselves in comparison with others and other situations. 

I feel all I have to do today is be myself….because I am more than good enough. 

…God told me so!


Let me ask you…

Do You Pray? and What do you pray for?
Prayer is often understood as a presentation of list of requirements and things required to God.

So the question, When do pray is also quite relevant?

Often we pray when we are in trouble and when we have issues which we feel can’t be managed by us alone…

Said all these… I feel

Prayer is just any of above said rather…

Prayer is a request made to God for a state of mind to accept His will in our life…whatever it may be…

It made a difference in my life…try it out

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