You see what you look at 

Every horizon of vision contains both negative and positive aspects. But you see in them what you are looking for.

Vision depends on the disposition of the individual; you see what you are…




There are two aspects to lie (said Fr Alex in his good night talk today)

  1. Saying a lie
  2. Living a lie

However, the second seems to be more serious…the most common form of living a lie is the life of hypocrisy that we live.

Worker and the Tool

The author will never be able to produce something worth if the pen does not co-operate with him, this is true every kind of working situation. The producer will be at a lost if the tools do not co-operate with him.

It is very much applicable to Priesthood too, the Lord will never be able to use us if we are not attuned Him, when our personalities are in conflict with His. In such case the fault is not with Him rather it is with us.

Lent: moment to make and break Habits

What is that comes to our mind when we speak of lent?

Often we see lent as a season to abstain from many things, consequently we consider it as a season which is least preferred…

However, lent can become the most significant time in the life every Christian if we change our out look towards the same. Lent is not a season of fast and abstinence alone, which is often so momentary. Rather it is a time to break and make habits which can help us to stay close to the Lord.

When seen from this perspective lent becomes a real time of personal conversation. A time of transformation of the self to the other in prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Being with the Youth

It is quite wonderful to be with the young people. These days I am asked to be with the youth of St John Paul II parish, K. Channasandra… I have met them twice, but I must say it is really wonderful to be with them.

The one fact that attracted me was the openness that they possed in dealing and discussing various issues.

May the good spirit continue…

Authority and Integrity 

A story is told of a Guru, who took time to advise the child of a devotee to stop eating sweets, enquiring why, he said ‘when you brought your child to me I had the habit of eating lots of sweets, then  how can I tell him not to eat.’

It is only in the integrity of words and action one can practise the authority. As often children say to the parents, ‘let us follow your examples rather than your words and advises.’



Celebrating the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, Fr Alex mentioned in his homily that conversion means becoming another version of Christ quoting Fr Pascual Chávez Villanueva, the previous Rector Major.

It is evident in the life of St. Paul itself when he said “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Gal. 2:20). The challenge placed before me and every Christian is the same, to become another Christ and to grow into a day in which I can say, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me.


Every priestly vocation is a vocation to become a Good Samaritan, a Good Samaritan in the life of every individual one meets. One becomes a Good Samaritan when one is ready to share the pains and sorrows of the people around. Antagonistically, the one failed to lose one’s life for the sake of the other, becoming more and more individualistic in attitudes, is not worthy of the name priest.

The vocation to be of God has its fulfilment only if one is able to see the presence of God in the human faces around one’s sphere of life. The journey towards heaven is not an end in itself rather it is a means to see the foretaste of God here on earth. So every priest should become the love of God manifested here and now for the people around. The call to be alter Christus is realized when one is able to be the healing presence of the Lord to the wounded, always realizing the wounds within oneself, one becomes a wounded healer. However, it calls for a greater sacrifice, to look beyond oneself, one’s own feelings of sorrow and pain, for the sake of the other at all circumstances.

It is losing oneself for the sake of the other.

It is a conviction to see God in the other.

It is to become the other.

When losing oneself for the other becomes the way of life, one becomes more and more God-like more closer to the name priest, alter Christus.

People do expect!

Have you ever thought why when a priest or a religious makes a mistake it carries a lot of discussion and news value?

I, a religious personally think it is not because of a negative attitude towards us rather they (people) expected something better and of higher value from us, and we have failed to grow up to the expectation. In some instances we have behaved worse, that it can never be justified.

The ‘Yes’ that changed the world

It is quite interesting to reflect over the ‘yes’ that Mary said at the moment of Annunciation to the will of God, did she ever understood it at that moment we do not know. However, we know that the ‘yes’ which she said changed her course of life and that of the entire world. It is also quite true that the ‘yes’ which she said just did not intend an ‘yes’ alone rather it meant more ‘nos’ in her life, to be in accordance with the ‘yes’.

To be something or with someone would mean not to be with many other things or with many other people