Who is He?

The gospel of St. Mark 6: 1-6 presents to us the rejection of Jesus in His own country. The passage ends saying Jesus could not do many miracles due to their unbelief.

It is of importance to analyse why Jesus could not enter into their lives or rather why they could not accept Jesus? The most obvious reason is the fact that they could accept Jesus only as a carpenter, the son of Mary and the bother of James and Joset and Judas (v. 3). They were not able to change the preconceived ideas of Jesus that existed in their minds.

Often, we too are faced with the same challenge in our day today lives in relating to people, especially whom we have already known. Even after an individual has made lot of efforts, we are not willing to accept the fact that he/she has changed his/her ways of thinking and acting. The danger is, we can miss out the Lord who is coming to our lives and the experience of healing and bliss of the Lord that would be brought by the presence of that individual.

The challenge placed before us is to give a new beginning to everyone, though at time it is very hard.


Deep Faith

jesus-walking-on-water-benjamin-mcphersonMt. 14: 22-33

He (Jesus) said, “Come”.

To the horrified disciples Jesus says do not worry it is me. Hearing that Peter says then Lord let me come to you. The master says, “come”. Trusting in the Lord he walks courageously on the troubled see for he sees only the master and hears only his words come.

But soon he looks around and sees what he is doing and thinks of himself (a bit of selfishness in thought), I am doing it. Peter started to sink into the water, he calls out master help me I am drowning, and Jesus calls him, hi man of little faith.

Where do I stand, how deep am I in my faith. Most often I too am like Peter I jump into the water then find myself as one with a shallow faith. The depth of my faith can be judged only by the actions I do.

Come and Follow ME

Mt. 4: 12-23

Come and follow me, a humble request of the Lord which we cannot resist. The invitation of the Lord is such noble that one cannot say no to it. However, no one is forced to follow him physically, mentally, psychologically. Always the decision has to be done in free will with full knowledge of what one is choosing. If one tries to live a life of his/her on in this way they would be the biggest failure that we have ever seen, rather even when we fail the one who called us is faithful and He will keep us going, even when I am not faithful He is, that is the assurance of come and follow Me, I will make; you fishers of men.


Human Witness to the Divine Revelation

Jn 1: 29-34

Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world… a human witness to the divine revelation. The master and Lord made manifest among the people of his time by John with these words. The people believed John for his life itself was a witness. Do people belief in Christ looking at our lives. Are we able to manifest the divine revelation in our activities?

Humility at its Heights

Mt. 3: 13-17 Lord, I need to be baptised by you. The Son of God stands in humility to be baptized by John. The one who has come to give the Spirit receives the Spirit through the baptism of water. The master becomes the servant to bring forth the glory of the Creator to the world that the world may believe in the revelation. Are we ready to humble ourselves for the greater glory of God and to serve the fellow beings.