Nothing in the World Will Ever Be the Same

Love changes everything and everyone, everyone for good and nothing in this world will ever be the same. As I listened to this song during the adoration service, I was just fascinated. Looking at Jesus I really felt, this words are 101% true. Reflecting over my life too I feel, it is love that made…… Continue reading Nothing in the World Will Ever Be the Same

An inspiring witness of Faith

This incident was reported during the visit of Pope Francis to Albania. Can persecution and troubles challenge the faith of the believer? Listen to Sr. Marije Kaleta about her faithfulness and daring courage. A Catholic teacher, sister Marije Kaleta of the Stigmatine apostolate, now aged 85, said she had baptized numerous children privately – “everyone…… Continue reading An inspiring witness of Faith

Why go to Church?

A Church goer wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to church every Sunday. “I’ve gone for 30 years now,” he wrote, “and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 sermons. But for the life of me I can’t remember a single…… Continue reading Why go to Church?

Where is happiness

Not in unbelief — Voltaire was an infidel of the most pronounced type. He wrote: “I wish I had never been born.” Not in pleasure — Lord Byron lived a life of pleasure, if anyone did. He wrote: “The worm, the canker, and the grief are mine alone.” Not in money — Jay Gould, the…… Continue reading Where is happiness

Is that Jesus knocking?

A nurse on the paediatric ward, before listening to the little ones’ chests would plug the stethoscope into their ears and let them listen to their own hearts. Their eyes would always light up with awe. But she never got a response to equal four year old David’s. She placed the disk over his heart.…… Continue reading Is that Jesus knocking?

Spirituality of Guardian Angel

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways (Ps. 91:11) The Lord has blessed every one with an angel to guard one in all his/her way. He is a guardian par excellence, the voice of the one who is crying out within each one of us, it a…… Continue reading Spirituality of Guardian Angel

A love story: Because U r mine!

One day, I woke early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Ah the beauty of God’s creation is beyond description. As I watched, I praised God for His beautiful work. As I sat there, I felt the Lord’s presence with me. He asked me, “Do you love me?” I answered, “Of course, God! You…… Continue reading A love story: Because U r mine!

One Sentence Sermons

Be Fishers of Men…. You catch ’em, He’ll clean ’em. A family altar can alter a family. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing. Don’t put a question mark where God put a period. Don’t wait for six strong men to take you to church. Exercise daily. Walk with the Lord! Forbidden…… Continue reading One Sentence Sermons


In the morning go to work; in the evening don’t let up. You know notwhen success will come, wither morning or evening. ( Ecclesiastes 11:6, paraphrased ) I have given you time as a gift. Whether you succeed or whether you fail depends upon what you do with the time I have given you. I…… Continue reading GOD’S WORD FOR YOU: THE HUSTLING BUSINESSMAN