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What is prayer? It is an age old question that many sipitual gurus have tried explaining to us, after all what is prayer. Yet there is no one understanding of it. 

Fr PI Thomas during the mass explained prayer as ‘resting in God‘ and I found it very meaningful this explanation. 

Even if we don’t understand it, I should say prayer must resting in God, for rest is not a luxury, rather a necessity of every human being…we feel refreshed after the rest, energetic for another day of activities, prayer should lead us to the same experience.

Resting in God, we must be made strong for doing good. 


A Real Need but If It becomes Artificial!

Celebrating the Holy Thursday, washing of the feet has a outstanding role. It reminds us of the unconditional love of the Lord Jesus. Though a God, who was willing to wash the  feet of his disciples. In the Jewish tradition washing of the feet was the work of a slave. Jesus, the Lord and Master chooses to become a slave for the Salvation of his disciple and of the whole world. Continue reading A Real Need but If It becomes Artificial!

My Body

In the gospel of today we see Jesus cleansing the temple, driving out all who were making the temple a market place. So to say Jesus was restoring the Divinity of the Temple and it was a need for him to be present there.


Every day in our lives (or most often) we receive Blessed Sacrament, inviting Jesus to be with us, asking him to take possession of us.

But have we ever thought, what kind of a cleaning that we require to invite Jesus? Will he be happy to find us in the state we are now? If not what are the changes that we need to make?

Let this season of lent help us to recommit ourselves with new vigour and energy

Are You Worthy of the Call?

Jesus said to them, “…Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of it.”  (Mt. 21: 43)


Are we worthy to receive the kingdom of God amidst us? Or will Jesus looking at us will say, it (kingdom of God) will be taken away from and given to a nation producing the fruits of it?

However, our desire to be a good Christian should be manifested in daily actions of love for God and Neighbour.


Unfaithfulness is not a result of a momentary action/decision rather it is the result of a continuous wrong choices.


No one decides in fraction of second to be wrong or to do something wrong. It is always the result of constant thoughts and imagination.

Every wrong actions is made right by justification in passing of time;  though the action itself remains wrong forever. The moral degradation can help one to over come the guilt though it is not the right thing to do.

The point of turning back is open, in every moment and time. Provided one is ready to take a decision to be authentic in all what one does.

Spiritual Pride

I can do it, after all why can´t I improve upon my behaviour? It is very common that we take upon ourselves some personal practices during the season of lent to improve upon ourselves. Often these may be the same things (things that we do not like in ourselves, the bad habits) we are struggling with in our daily life to have a control over. But after few days of lent, the fact that we have succeeded in practicing what we had decided for last few days of lent should not be a reason for pride at all. For this pride (spiritual pride) can be worst than the action that we have denied at time.

Judge Yourself rather than Others

Today Holy Father explained why we need to Judge oneself (Click to Read)

He exhorted that to Judge oneself is a Christian Virtue, for we are all sinners

Just feel the same… often we are very harsh on judging the mistake of others but becomes very soft on ourselves. It is very difficult to work on oneself, I feel, even to deny some external things are elementary rather working on the habits of one´s life is really challenging. Its true we can fail, but the virtue is not in failing but in recommitting – recommitting to walk again in the path of virtue…

God help me to make this season of lent more meaningful . . .