SSG Picnic

We had a day of outing for the students of SSG (Social Service Grid, a social work sector of Kristu Jyoti College) yesterday to the tulips resort in Bangalore. It was quite a wonderful time that we had. Since the elderly children were taken last Sunday to Thalakadu, a place near Mysore the day was set apart for the children from 1-4 classes.

Though, we were under bit of tension, I must say the children enjoyed to the full. I was interesting to notice how the attention of children is shifting from one thing to the other. They may fall, fight, forget something however in few moments they forget and start again with something new. A great lesson learn for us adults.


Empowering the Future

Don Bosco Boys home, Kollam under the able leadership of Fr Thomas started an year long monthly leadership training for youth of the locality. It is an initiative of the community for the bicentenary birth of Don Bosco. A selected group of youth will be organised and animated for an year in leadership and life skills so that they can in turn becomes leading voice among their own companions.



The firs session was organised on 19th August 2015 by Fr Thomas himself. The class focused on motivation, it was more of group discussion and enabling the young to come out of themselves. The programme was well attended and highly appreciated by the participants.


We as sons of Don Bosco look forward to the future with hope, having the most powerful means in hand for the transformation of the society, more effectively by transforming the young through the young.

Know and Love Mary

The Marian Month was commenced in Don Bosco Boys Home, Kollam on 18th of August with the theme ‘Know and Love Mary’. Fr J Joseph inaugurated the month, wishing everyone a fruitful experience of loving our Bl. Mother.

DSCN3566 DSCN3557

In the evening we had a special inauguration  of the Marian games, with the lighting of the torch. The children are really enthusiastic about the whole event and participated it with great devotion and love.


I personally felt very happy for the wonderful response of the boys. They were very genuine in expressing their ideas and love for Mary in their own way. In fact for them these are not a routine as some time it happens in the formation  houses rather they look to it with new energy and long for events such as these.

I am truly taken aback by the genuine way they respond to it. It calls for personal reflection on my life.