Newton in his third law of motion stated that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ A truth which we need to apply to our daily life too.

There are consequences for every action of ours with or without the knowledge of ours. However, we as individuals or groups need to face the impact of it one day.



Mom You are Great



Someone asked her, are you working women or a house wife?
She said: “yes I’ am a full time working House-Wife. I work 24 hours a day. I’m a “Mom,” a “wife,” “daughter,” and a Daughter in Law.
I am an Alarm Clock, a Cook, a Maid, a Teacher, a Waiter, a Nanny, a Nurse, a Handyman, a Security Officer, a Counsellor, and a Comforter.
I don’t get holydays, medical leaves or half days. I work throughout the Day and Night…. I’m on call all hours and get paid with a sentence: “What You do all day at home?”

Three Habits of Good Student

All of us love to live long and remain young. One of the best ways to remain always young is to remain a student all through one’s life. The attitude of a student is always to learn something new and something innovative. The three essential habits for the same are:

  1. Reading: Read something new every day, sometimes a book, a novel, an article etc.
  2. Write: the second factor is to write something every day, some reflections about the day, or a comment on an incident that took place that day, something on the political scenario etc.
  3. By heart: another important factor in the life of a student is to keep the memory active and fresh, one of the best methods is to learn something by heart every day, maybe a sentence or a phone number etc.

Daily practice of these three without fail would form one a great student, now and always in life.




During a session for the youth at Don Bosco Mampetta I asked them to write down some of the desires that they have fulfilled in their lives. I was surprised by some of the answers. Some of them said

I had a desire to find the financial needs of my family for a day, and I achieved it.

Another said, I had the desire to help my father for farming, and I achieved it.

I felt very proud for the way they looked at life and they organized their time and energy for the fulfillment of the same.

As days going I realize more and more that there is a greater ethics that exist among the youth, but it is often so called mentors failed to realize it.


The woman is an immeasurable blessing in the life of every person as a mother, sister and a wife. Often we fail to value their presence forgetting what we are today is just because of them.

Today, as we speak more and more about the dignity of women, especially on a day like this let us not forget the various moments of objectification that they go through in their daily life because of us men and lack of our sensitivity. The greatest gift that we can give them today is to promise that we shall treat every woman we meet as our mother and sister…

Happy Women’s Day

Thanks to every woman who have been part of my life…


Worker and the Tool

The author will never be able to produce something worth if the pen does not co-operate with him, this is true every kind of working situation. The producer will be at a lost if the tools do not co-operate with him.

It is very much applicable to Priesthood too, the Lord will never be able to use us if we are not attuned Him, when our personalities are in conflict with His. In such case the fault is not with Him rather it is with us.

Being with the Youth

It is quite wonderful to be with the young people. These days I am asked to be with the youth of St John Paul II parish, K. Channasandra… I have met them twice, but I must say it is really wonderful to be with them.

The one fact that attracted me was the openness that they possed in dealing and discussing various issues.

May the good spirit continue…


Celebrating the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, Fr Alex mentioned in his homily that conversion means becoming another version of Christ quoting Fr Pascual Chávez Villanueva, the previous Rector Major.

It is evident in the life of St. Paul itself when he said “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Gal. 2:20). The challenge placed before me and every Christian is the same, to become another Christ and to grow into a day in which I can say, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me.

The ‘Yes’ that changed the world

It is quite interesting to reflect over the ‘yes’ that Mary said at the moment of Annunciation to the will of God, did she ever understood it at that moment we do not know. However, we know that the ‘yes’ which she said changed her course of life and that of the entire world. It is also quite true that the ‘yes’ which she said just did not intend an ‘yes’ alone rather it meant more ‘nos’ in her life, to be in accordance with the ‘yes’.

To be something or with someone would mean not to be with many other things or with many other people




When one acts according to convince one has no right to speak about the conviction…

Convictions can often demand much from our lives, often we may be the odd one out because of our conviction. Yet you need to hold on to it because it is your faith that you are right.