Who will rule over you: the one whom you feed most!

Yesterday night as part of the media analysis course for brothers we watched the movie pathfinder. It was really an inspirational one, though sometime the violence can take away the whole attention. I was fascinated by this conversation from the movie: Starfire tells the Pathfinder: Starfire:   My father says you are full of vengeance…… Continue reading Who will rule over you: the one whom you feed most!

In Love We Find the True Self

Movie Review: Fault in Our Stars (2014) (English) This afternoon amidst lot of activities I thought of watching Fault in Our Stars. It was really awesome.  The movie is an excellent romantic love story, with positive strokes every moment; it is a true love story of commitment and dedication for what you are. Though we…… Continue reading In Love We Find the True Self

I make my life…

Movie Review: Queen (2014) (Hindi) This evening I was watching the movie queen. The movie is quite cool and interesting one. The movie expresses the story of a girl who is cheated by a man after a long love the day before the marriage. Who decides your life? Who is responsible for your life? The…… Continue reading I make my life…

I Choose to Do!!!

Movie Review: Noah (2014) (English) Yesterday afternoon I found some time watch the movie Noah. It is a wonderful depiction of a bible theme (the story of Noah from the Old Testament) apt for our time. We tend to accuse God for everything that happens to us, most often for the not so good things…… Continue reading I Choose to Do!!!

Dream Big ya!!!

Movie Review: October Sky (1999) (English)  A wonderful movie on motivation and persuing one’s dream. The movie says a true story of Homer Hickman and his friends who dreamt big. The movie story takes place in Coalwood, West Virginia, all boys here grow up here to become coal miners, so they had no reason to think differently.…… Continue reading Dream Big ya!!!

Francesca Fachini: the Student Detective

Movie Review: Assassination of A High School President Assassination of A High School President bring forth story of a Christian High school where the SAT’S are stolen, Francesca Fachini a student report for the newspaper is in search of the real culprits and how he saves the innocent and traps the real culprits. It is…… Continue reading Francesca Fachini: the Student Detective

Movie Review: 72 Model (Malayalam)

The movie wants to communicate the values of honesty and friendship. However the whole plot of the movie can confuse the audience in communicating the same. The movie begins telling the story of a taxi driver, who works had for the sustenance of the family, his attachment to the family members and the things are…… Continue reading Movie Review: 72 Model (Malayalam)