Thor: Ragnarok

Just this afternoon I had the opportunity to watch Thor: Ragnarok,  a superhero film based on the character Thor. However,I must say that I just love watching the movies of this character. Yet, I was discouraged yesterday, though rated heavenly for its fiction and fantasy I felt it had not reached to the expectations.




Take off

I must say take off is one of the best Malayalam movies that I have seen in the recent past. The movie presents the true story of a group of Malayali nurses who was captured when terrorists took over the city of Tikrit in Iraq and their rescue operation. I must say to watch just as a movie, it is really a thriller, however, it can also bring light into the life and sufferings that nurses at large face, even when they smile at us and especially to the sufferings faced by those who were in Iraq in 2014 when it was attacked…
I love watching, I must say it is a must watch…

Who will rule over you: the one whom you feed most!


Yesterday night as part of the media analysis course for brothers we watched the movie pathfinder. It was really an inspirational one, though sometime the violence can take away the whole attention.

I was fascinated by this conversation from the movie: Continue reading “Who will rule over you: the one whom you feed most!”

In Love We Find the True Self

Movie Review: Fault in Our Stars (2014) (English)fault-in-our-stars-landscape-poster

This afternoon amidst lot of activities I thought of watching Fault in Our Stars. It was really awesome.  The movie is an excellent romantic love story, with positive strokes every moment; it is a true love story of commitment and dedication for what you are. Though we find ourselves in difficult situations, we often do not look into us, rather move by the comments of others.

A deeper experience of love can help you accept what you are, not being carried away by the like and comments by the other. The beauty of you is you not in what you make of you for the other, in depth value it.

The movie also can challenge the way we look out for external without value, being found themselves affected by cancer their concern is for each other. The beginning of the movie also depicts how the feeling of love can change the attitude of one. In love we find the true self, in deep love we accept ourselves as we are.

It was a wonderful watch, I suggest this movie for all young people.

I make my life…

Movie Review: Queen (2014) (Hindi)

Queen Poster

This evening I was watching the movie queen. The movie is quite cool and interesting one. The movie expresses the story of a girl who is cheated by a man after a long love the day before the marriage.

Who decides your life? Who is responsible for your life? The movie addresses some of the basic questions that are faced by the Indian women (in a defined social structure) in special way. The questions are raised in a thought provoking and interesting manner. However the answers suggested need to be further discussed. The movie comes under a feminist tittle; however I have my personal disagreement to the same. It is true that in the movie speaks of how a woman affirms herself over-coming something which can really put down someone.

However, the movie in way (though true at times) stereotypes the foreign culture from an Indian perspective. It also appears to me, by the end of the movie (it suggest in way) an adaptation of the same culture as a means to the issues mentioned.

I suggest the movie as one which raises questions for further discussions, especially on the raising women issues in India.

I Choose to Do!!!

Movie Review: Noah (2014) (English)


Yesterday afternoon I found some time watch the movie Noah. It is a wonderful depiction of a bible theme (the story of Noah from the Old Testament) apt for our time.

We tend to accuse God for everything that happens to us, most often for the not so good things that take place in our life. God becomes, for, many of us, a giver of things which we want not even what he thinks best.

However the movie tells the story of a man who decides to act according to the wish of the God for the betterment of the creation. The most beautiful part is that God does not tell him anything that he needs to do, rather in various dreams some things are reveled then remains to his decision to do or not. It is in himself that he finds the voice of God and he is ready to respond to it even when it is the worst thing to do. The movie speaks of a God who is not interested in predestining the future of Noah, rather who is interested in giving him a chance to take the decisions.

The movie also have an ecological point of view, so to day when it stress the human as the destructs of the creation and the nature. It also clearly mentions the myth that the meat can make us strong. The movie depicts the man with greed and revenge as worse than animals.

The director has taken a wonder full turn to express the need to take charge of our life rather than accusing God for all that is happening. It is a wonderful movie I really enjoyed it.

Dream Big ya!!!

Movie Review: October Sky (1999) (English) 190824.1020.A

A wonderful movie on motivation and persuing one’s dream. The movie says a true story of Homer Hickman and his friends who dreamt big. The movie story takes place in Coalwood, West Virginia, all boys here grow up here to become coal miners, so they had no reason to think differently. But the inspiring presence of a teacher changes everything for these four boys.  Too small to earn a football scholarship leads Hickman to gain a science scholarship, a complete turnaround in life.

The mine superintendent, his father has no greater dream than his son following his footsteps. But the dream for the sky guides him to make and launch homemade rockets with the help of his friends. Will he succeed? What are the challenges that are awaiting him?

A true motivational story, which has a lot to offer to the younger generation today especially for the youth who are struggling to cop up with their living situation. Let us Dream BIG.


Francesca Fachini: the Student Detective

Movie Review: Assassination of A High School President


Assassination of A High School President bring forth story of a Christian High school where the SAT’S are stolen, Francesca Fachini a student report for the newspaper is in search of the real culprits and how he saves the innocent and traps the real culprits. It is an adventure of Francesca Fachini who bothers nothing but the truth.

The subplots are well integrated to the main story line. The presentation of the movie is quite pleasant and enjoyable. However I feel that the movie has taken little extra freedom to underestimate the value systems of the student especially with regard to morality. However, the search for truth is always projected, the deceive side of every wrong is wonderfully presented by the girlfriend of school leader, which has an explanation even in the worst of exposure. Looking from another perspective the self-integrity of women need to be analyzed and clarified. At the first impression it did confuse me.

The story and the context is wonderful and it is a worth watching movie except for the exaggeration on the part of morality and values.

One Man Army

Movie Review: Lokpal (Malayalam)


Lokpal is a movie is directed by Joshy and stared by Mohan Lal. The movie bring forth story of a movement against corruption. It says the story of an ordinary man who suffered the injustice of the government systems. The story develops in and around his life, in a special way how he comes to react against the existing corruption in the society.

Though a relevant theme, the story could have developed in a better manner. The main plot is quite clear and evident. Morally analyzing the way proposed in the movie is not the right path. Every action cannot be justified by the end alone, the means is also equally important. The story also can be misunderstood as a solution to the existing problem of corruption by the youth especially.

Movie Review: 72 Model (Malayalam)

72modal_mThe movie wants to communicate the values of honesty and friendship. However the whole plot of the movie can confuse the audience in communicating the same. The movie begins telling the story of a taxi driver, who works had for the sustenance of the family, his attachment to the family members and the things are well depicted. The whole turn takes place once his son receives a huge amount of money which was hid in his vehicle by a group of thieves. How he deals with this money is the rest of the story. Some of the well-farmed dialogues on this occasion can give the audience a feeling of the younger generation towards authority and the corruption that exist in the society. With the help of two of his friends he starts a new business, though they make money the movie clearly depicts the tension the main character is undergoing. There is a tension that is made clear between the truth and the reality of life.

The story is made beautiful with the subplots, but at times the subplot takes prominence and the main story line is put into confusion. The movie also can be bit confusing in powerfully communicating its message.