I am Manu Michael SDB, originally from Malom (a small village) in Kerala (God’s own Country), India. I have a passion for building friendship.

Being a Salesian Religious (SDB- Salesians of Don Bosco) I love reading, writing, learning new skills as often as I can and above all being with the young. I am always and everywhere moved by the presence of youth, the immanence possibility and potency.

My blog (manusdb.wordpress.com) is a place where, faithful, teachers, students, youth and like minded people from across the world can come and take something positive away. Whether it be a lump of inspiration, finding new friends, some material for youth animations or a short note on the happenings in and around me.

Internet being the new playground of young I find meaning in sharing what I have in the best way I can. My goal is to create a network where others can take inspiration from and share your thoughts and ideas. I love collaborating with as many readers and followers as best as possible. If you have any questions and suggestions please contact me here.

I strongly believe ‘If I do not stand for something I will fall for everything.’ So I do stand for human dignity and justice in the society by means of love, non-violence and dialogue


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  1. Hi, Thanks for liking my post and for following my blog. Your posts are really interesting, I’m not into conventional religion as such, might as well be honest, as my time in a Catholic Convent as a child well and truly put me off formal religion. Nevertheless, I aspire to following a spiritual life, with kindness and respect to all beings, so I imagine we’re both following the same goals along different paths. Good luck with your ordination.

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  2. Thank you for following my blog! I hope it brings you a bit of inspiration as your continue your jounrey through the seminary and on to the priesthood. I write because our parish priest needed some inspirational “filler” for our parish bulletin. His creative idea put me on the path to writing. Here I am, one blog, three devotionals and a few kids’ books later! Just think of what you will -and already are- inspiring others to do!


  3. Hi! Thanks for following my blog… I used to teach in a school run by Salesian brothers here — Don Bosco Technical School…It was fun. Enjoyed my time with the kids then. Now am focusing on making films for sped children…and pwd’s..


      1. Thank you… Am currently working with talented Deaf persons on a short film that will showcase their talent. Best regards!


  4. Great people have said that the action reveals what people think. So true! Not words only actions. Nice to meet you. Lovely blog. 🙂


  5. Holla Manu, just came by your mail sitting pretty in my box! Dunno how you found me but am mighty glad you did! Thanks so much for the follow, I ‘ppreciate! Love your ‘About’ page and am absolutely fascinated by your persona! Will love to learn more, so this is me following right back and saying a very big thanks to you! Kudos bruv! LOL


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