Every priestly vocation is a vocation to become a Good Samaritan, a Good Samaritan in the life of every individual one meets. One becomes a Good Samaritan when one is ready to share the pains and sorrows of the people around. Antagonistically, the one failed to lose one’s life for the sake of the other, becoming more and more individualistic in attitudes, is not worthy of the name priest.

The vocation to be of God has its fulfilment only if one is able to see the presence of God in the human faces around one’s sphere of life. The journey towards heaven is not an end in itself rather it is a means to see the foretaste of God here on earth. So every priest should become the love of God manifested here and now for the people around. The call to be alter Christus is realized when one is able to be the healing presence of the Lord to the wounded, always realizing the wounds within oneself, one becomes a wounded healer. However, it calls for a greater sacrifice, to look beyond oneself, one’s own feelings of sorrow and pain, for the sake of the other at all circumstances.

It is losing oneself for the sake of the other.

It is a conviction to see God in the other.

It is to become the other.

When losing oneself for the other becomes the way of life, one becomes more and more God-like more closer to the name priest, alter Christus.


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