Selfishness has become so much part of our life or rather we can say with the help of development in psychology we have come to realize the role of selfishness in every action of ours. 

When a father wants his child to be the best….he is selfish

When a teacher wants his students to perform well in the exams…she is selfish

When a doctor wants his patients to get well … he is selfish

Just say we cannot take away selfishness from our action but we can make our intentions better. 

Point to ponder: We speak of looking from the others point of view but it often ends up for my advantage.


7 thoughts on “Selfishness

  1. What you say might be true if every individual is a rubber stamp of every other, but consider there are parents, teachers and doctors who have a genuinely good heart toward the one they want to succeed. The more we are like the Master Teacher, the less selfish we will become.

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      1. There is no way we can *be* the Master Teacher or the Great Physician, but we can be His disciple to become like Him. Somewhere “out there” others are purposefully becoming like the Heavenly Father too–loving and working what is best for all His children. That is total unselfishness.

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