Age Matters

Age matters …it matters a lot. These days I had an opportunity to attend a class taken by an aged professor. It was quite…(I don’t know what to say). However, some of the common characters that I have noticed in his lectures were:

  1. Undue Glorification of the Past
  2. Extreme criticism/negativity to the present world and its generation
  3. An objective judgment on anything that happened (generalizing things)
  4. An over self confidence (about himself and about his times and methods)
  5. A feeling of undue authority over the Subject, and so on

However, the thought that stuck me all these while was about the character presented in the first part of the movie, oru muthassi gadha, may be the second part of the movie can draw some light into the situations we discussed above.

Yet, I would like to make clear I am in no way interested in making a judgment on his person or on his believes. Neither I will be interested in generalizing what I said above.



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