You surprised me!!!

2012-07-19 08.06.14I would like to share with you an incident that occurred last day as I was spending my time with the boys here in Kollam. As the boys were playing I asked one of the boys to remove his slippers as other were not having it. In the spirit of the game he threw it out and continued the game. But noticing that a chapel is upside down he came back running and kept it right. Out of my curiosity I called him aside and asked him about his action, he said with a smile on his face; brother if the chapel is not straight, it is not good for my parents.

I am sure you must be wondering, why I am so fascinated with such kind of a belief. In fact, I am not taken aback by the belief rather knowing that both his parents are not concerned about him. His mother has decided to abandon her children (He and His Sister) to have, so called, better life with somebody else. His father lives and irresponsible life and creates problems in the society.


He wants to wish well for them…

Truly children like this questions each of our actions towards our parents and teachers.


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