Words and Action//The power of Common Man

Often the ideal principles remains only in words, fails in action. When things stands for my advantage, I can justify my actions. The recent innovation  of ‘Airtel Zero’ , the controversial plan offered by India’s leading telecom provider Bharti Airtel to provide its subscribers free access to select websites becomes one of the latest in the list.

However, the sail was not that smooth as far the idea was concerned. The leading online retailer Flipkart was down-rated in the app stores for registering itself in the Airtel Zero. The strong criticism on  Airtel Zero by the proponents of Net neutrality has led the Flipkart to contain the fallout, added to that the e-retailer faced a sever backlash on the social media.

Ironically, everyone, including Airtel and Flipkart  too,  joined the  pro- Net neutrality utterances. But in terms of its own success the open Internet, has become a question. Amidst all these, still the internet proofs itself  to be free, in the way the common flock reacted. But, the question is how long, amidst the organized hidden plans of co-operate sector.


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