Born in Christ

This evening we received the sad news of the the passing away of Fr. Mathew Uzhunnalil (UV Mathew). A great Salesian who always thought of the well being young and the confreres.


May his Soul rest in Peace!

I personally had the fortune of being with last year. A man of hard work, even when he was sick and suffering he always had the desire to work for the house and the province. If ever had a change to work with him, we will surely acknowledge the meticulous way in which he works and the promptness in  his response, often in a detailed hand written letters. Above all he was a manifestation of the compassionate heart of Jesus, at the confessional.

Dear Father we will really miss  you!!


One thought on “Born in Christ


    Jesus said, “He who believes and is baptized will be saved..(MARK 16:16 NKJV)

    Men say “He who believes should be baptized as a testimony of their faith.”

    Men say, “He who has believed is saved already and should be baptized so they can join a denominational church.”

    Men say, “He who believes is saved without being baptized in water.”

    Men say, “He who believes can be saved by faith alone because baptism is a meaningless symbolic act.”

    Men say, “He who believes will be saved because God forces predestined men to believe, however, water baptism is a good work and not essential for salvation.”

    Question: If God forces predetermined men to believe so they can be saved, then why would God not force predetermined men to be immersed in water so they can be saved?

    Men say, “He who believes will be saved, however, water baptism is a nonessential act of obedience.”

    Men say, “Unbelieving infants who are baptized for the guilt of Adam’s sin will be saved.”

    Men say, “He who believes us who say water baptism is not essential for salvation will be saved by faith alone.”

    Men say, “He who believes will be saved without water baptism, because the thief on the cross was saved without being baptized.”

    Men say, “You can be saved without believing in Jesus or being baptized, because Abraham and Moses were saved without believing in Jesus or being baptized in water.”

    When Judgement Day arrives will men be judged by what Jesus said or what men say?


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