Guidelines for A Millennium of Technology

The third millennium is going to be . The process of change set in motion by the modern technology is so rapid that the criteria to evaluate its far-reaching consequences are becoming ever complex. Trying to define Technology, in the contemporary world, interestingly, there is only one thing that most people agree about concerning technology: that it is important.

An attempt to define technology meets with several problems. There have been attempts for the same from the time of the Greeks. Plato used the term technē (to produce) to refer to all human actions which involved reasoning and Aristotle too spoke of technē as the ability to make or produce. But, this description of technology as the fabrication of appropriate means and tools by humans to attain their goals in life cannot be applied to modern technology. Modern technology creates a kind of abstract ability, and it is only later that the diverse uses come into play. Based on this modern understanding of technology, experts and philosophers have dared to define technology in new ways, of many which have unfortunately nothing novel to offer from the ancient definition of the Greeks. Neither the end nor the means of modern technological possibilities seem to be guided by clear moral criteria that reflect true human dignity. Above all, human beings themselves are becoming the principal objects of experimentation and manipulation which raise fundamental questions on the ultimate meaning of the presence of human beings in the cosmos.

In our modern technological world, we cannot think of any sector of human life that is not affected by technology, be it material, mental or spiritual. Technology has affected the way we live our life, look at objects, relate with people around, ascertain the modes of action, goals and the sense and quality of life. While these handmaids of the human mind and creativity have enhanced human lives, on the other hand, they have resulted in the objectification of human persons and the degradation of the environment with unimagined severity. This double nature of technology calls for a detailed study and philosophical reflection.

If then, how should one shape his/her life in this technological era? A heart touching conversation in the movie Pathfinder directed by Marcus Nispel says;

Starfire tells the Pathfinder:

Starfire:   My father says you are full of vengeance

here are two wolfs within each one of us; one is hate and anther is love

Pathfinder: Who Wins?

Sarfire : The one whom we feed the most.

However, it very true of good and bad too, the two powerful realities of very decision we make. The one which wins is the one whom we feed the most. Enamors advancement in technology is the greatest gift of God the highest achievement of human growth. What do we do with it depends on the choices that we make in our daily life. I can do good and bad with the same, yet the nature of this decision is not of permanence rather one of daily renewal.

May the right choices, renewed every day may be our guide in this Cyber Age.


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