Seeing a Woman


It a one of most often quoted comment that woman is responsible for…. Yes, it is very true, she needs to be responsible for dressing in the morning, and however she does it, it is your responsibility to look at and treat her as a human being. Regardless of her dressing, it is your eyes that wanders over … and the choice is your. But often we like to play the role of the ´victim´.

The topic of ´objectification´ of women by men is by enlarge true. Human beings by nature do objectify things (the fact of being right and wrong in this is left to individual reflections), we objectify by using them for our advantage. Is our fellow being, especially woman, a things to be used (even when we discuss about the question of objectification of nature) for our (men)  advantage.

Every women, command our respect irrespective of her dress and appearance, for the very fundamental fact that they are our fellow beings. They are not a weaker sex, rather human beings created in their fullness to become what they are called for. The nature and the behaviour of a woman is so well defined to play her role as a mother, sister and daughter.

So, the challenge is not to look at her nor I intend it in the least sense of the word. Rather the challenge is to look at her in the eyes, to see her as a fellow beings with equal right to life and expression. So as to create an environment  around you where women, could approach easily, for they know, that they are not just object of pleasure rather living fellow beings with flesh and blood for you.

Let hope that the celebrations of  women´s day of 2015 just not be a repetition of many activities rather may these celebrations  bring a change in our attitude towards women.


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