Will Your GOD Demand a Fast?


I really do not know will my God demanded a fast form me, to see me hungry!, hurting myself to please him! I don’t think he will ask me to do that.

Then why does the Church encourage us to fast, abstain and mortify ourselves especially during lent?  

I feel, the question is very apt and relevant and often raises questions like; Is the church trying to have a control over us by these acts? Or Is the church trying get us donate something to the church? I don’t think so.

Rather, I feel these (Lent ) are days and moments to learn to say ¨no¨ to ourselves, to improve the control over the self to choose the right path in prayer. That is the reason, we are exhorted to abstain from what we like most and the negative habits (which we ourselves don’t like within us).

So fast and abstinence in itself is not virtuous rather it has its value when they transcend to become admirable qualities which become  habits even after lent, for a transformed life style.

So Do I need to fast? It is a question that each one of us needs to answer for ourselves. Who can know us better than ourselves?


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