Called to Nature

We are only called to nature a tree; we can never decided for the tree to bear fruit or not. Then the duty of the gardener is only to nature the tree, keeping its individual freedom and the grace of God open for the good of the tree and the nature.

However, it quite natural that we cannot expect figs form berries; rather each is called to produce what it is capable of in its fullness. The perfect and full freedom of a tree then would be to be a perfect tree what is expected of it is by its creator (God himself). But, it should not be taken for granted that Jesus cursed the fig tree, for it did not achieve the perfection, which it was expected of.

So to every walk of life, calls for a perfection. If not capable of the expected perfection we should have the honesty within ourselves to say, I don´t belong to this garden, ( rather than expecting the garden to extent its walls for my sake) or the gardener should have the courage to remove the tree for the good of itself and for all the others. Rather than being cursed and living as course…

(we cannot remove the nature of a tree; it is true. But we can take a different walk of life with guidence and grace (very true to every vacation). )


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