We Define Ourselves

It is our actions and decision are the ones that define what we are and what we stand for. The convenient and pleasing decisions may not be and need not be the right ones. It is true, people will be happy with you and may be with (as apparent supports). Once realizing the truth, the convenient ways are not that which help them to grow rather these are the once that can make them fools (to say it bluntly) and foolish in life, may in future create them to be our enemies for wasting their precious years.

It is very true, when you demand something different from the others, it will always be opposed from the authority and from the ones who are affected by the decisions. It really calls for courage and deep conviction to survive it for the moment.

I really felt bad when asked by the one in charge to approve the papers for which were not worthy of submission, challenging moments, God give the grace to Stay with my Convictions…


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