Boys Made All the Difference in My Life

It was wonderful to spend two days in Hyderabad, for the Practical Trainees meet. The First day was animated by Mr. Leo Fernandez on the topic ‘Being a Religious Today: Changes, Challenges and Choices’ (I shall speak about the content of this session in some of my forth coming posts). The second day was animated by Fr. Provincial and the Vice-provincial.

While sharing our experiences in different communities, a brother mentioned how happy he is in the present community compared to the last.  Someone asking what made all the difference this year he mentioned this statement, which I feel, every Salesian must be proud to pronounce. He said, rather than the place and people THE PRESENCE OF CHILDREN (YOUNG PEOPLE) IN MY LIFE MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Beautiful, May God give me grace to say this proudly in my life.


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