Religious Formation

Holy Father in his homily for Mass celebrated at the Santa Marta residence Oct 27, 2014 Monday warned against the harm of “lukewarm” Christianity, calling on faithful instead to be “children of light.”

“Holy Father said these Christians do great harm “because their Christian witness is a witness which ultimately disseminates confusion, disseminates a negative witness.”

At the End Times the Lord will say to these “gray” Christians: “You are neither hot nor cold. If only you were hot or cold. But because you are lukewarm – therefore gray – I vomit you from my mouth’.”

Contrasting lukewarm Christians with the “children of light” and the “children of darkness,” these “gray” Christians as going from one side to the other, making it difficult to determine whether they follow God or the devil. “They are always lukewarm,” he said. “They are neither luminous nor dark.””

I feel this is true on every walk of life. Being in the formation setting, I too have felt there are always three groups of people, one which response to the formations. Most often they take things rightly and positively with the intention of growing in their choice of life. The second group is most often made up of people who made a wrong choice in their basic decision on the walk of life. They react, disobey and most often will be on the hot bricks. However, there is still a hope of discernment of the choice. The third group leads a life on the separating line of the early mentioned. They will always appear good and never one will be able to find anything wrong with them. But sadly, anything called formation will ever take place in them.

The best of situation can never affect people, when they do not take responsibility for what you do.


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