I do what I want to do, for I believe in it. How many of us will be able to say in our lives we do what we are supposed to do for I believe in it rather than I do what I do for I need to be accepted in the society.

I feel most of our actions are guided by the social acceptability of things, rather than the personal believes. One of the most adequate means to evaluate this is to analyze disparity between ones social life and the personal life.

Lesser the gap between the two more authentic one is…


One thought on “Authenticity

  1. Great thinking Manu and I agree that a lotta folks conform to world standards for acceptability! Failure to do otherwise will make such a one an outcast! A lotta people want to be identified by the supposed ‘cool crowd’, and belong to these cliques! It takes God’s grace, self discipline, self-sacrifice and a good strength of character to stay on the straight and narrow path! God help us all and thanks for sharing!


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