Kid’s Fest 2014

Child Fest 2014, Don Bosco AluvaDon Bosco youth center, Aluva rocks again…

Seeking for help to the completion of a great venture for the locality and the generations to come. 

The Don Bosco Youth Center which is a central point in the culture and history of Keezhumadu (Aluva, Kerala) has come again with a wonderful initiative “Kid’s Fest 2014” for the children of the locality as part of the Children’s day Celebration.

The Mega Fest is dated for 23rd November, 2014 on the theme “Save the Nature”. It is organized for the learning and relaxation of the children. We intent to reach out to nearly 2000 school going children in and around Aluva.

The event is made colourful with attractive competition such as Nature art contest, Festal Chance Games, Baby King and Queen: Smiling Competition and input Sessions.Child Fest 2014, Don Bosco Aluva

The organizers look forward to it as an opportunity to impart in children the love of nature and ecology. They are also hopeful that the programme will be successful with their previous experience, ‘the marathon they conducted as an awareness against drugs’.

However, the organizers are looking for good-hearten people who can support them financially for this great venture.

Are you ready to support us? Make a comment and pass this message among your friends. Your simple contribution may help us to form a better generation for a better world.


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