How of Being

The Challenge today is not in being something, rather in the ‘How of Being’

I can be, with a good effort whatever I wanted to be today, all that counts is the effort that I am able to put in to achieve my dreams.

The bigger challenge I feel is not in being something, but in the ‘How of being’. It is not just a question of being rather a question of being what I am expected to be, even when the situations may not be the best.

Or it is a question of being the best wherever I am, if I am a doctor I should be the best (not a negative competition, rather a positive one). It is possible only when I am able to imbibe the true spirit of my state of being.

Am I really the one I am expected to be? I feel, I have a lot to grow and achieve. What do you feel?


2 thoughts on “How of Being

  1. This is an interesting perspective. Every day is a battle between who we are and who we want to be. We have to consciously decide who we actually will be. Otherwise, we’re just “being,” and our existence gets lost in the day-to-day struggles. I like how you bring this up and approach it from a new light because it’s something that is so easy to forget but so crucial to growth.


    1. It is really true, i was thinking from the perspective not only the goal rather the path to goal is also very important. Not only turning that potency into act but the how of achieving achieving that ‘act’ is also very important. thanks for the comments…


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