An inspiring witness of Faith

RELCL003comprThis incident was reported during the visit of Pope Francis to Albania. Can persecution and troubles challenge the faith of the believer? Listen to Sr. Marije Kaleta about her faithfulness and daring courage.

A Catholic teacher, sister Marije Kaleta of the Stigmatine apostolate, now aged 85, said she had baptized numerous children privately – “everyone who came to my door” – but that she was concerned that people demanding baptism might be Communist agents (Albania was a communist regime under Communist dictator Enver Hoxha, who ruled over the land from 1944 until his death in 1985, Albania was declared, in 1967, the sole officially-atheist state in the world, religion was suppressed ruthlessly here)

she said once as she was walking down a road, a mother carrying an infant asked her for the child’s baptism. Sr. Kaleta refused at first, since the woman’s husband was a Communist and Sr. Kaleta lacked the proper apparatus for baptism.

But she was persuaded by the mother to take water from a ditch for the ceremony, using the sister’s own plastic shoe to pour water over the child’s head. And the child was baptized.

The incident might appear insignificant to some, and foolish to the other. However it raises some deep questions?

We all claim to be Christians by our baptism, and we do celebrate it with great solemnity the same. But do we imbibe the spirit of Christ? Is baptism only a ceremony or another reason for celebration or a life changing decision?


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