On Religious Formation

Taken  from: ivocoelho.blogspot.com By Fr. Ivo Coelho

Dipping into the Report of Fr Pascual Chavez to GC27, he seems to be saying it all:

Formation begins from the moment of selection. Select therefore persons who are proactive [not just ‘good’ people, people ‘who do not disturb’ – such choices are negative: there is nothing against him; we need positive choices], capable of making free choices, and of organizing life around these choices, without internal or external pressures. (229-30)

And again: we can make mistakes in other fields, but not in that of formation… (330)
“Formation is the responsibility of the Congregation; it is the Congregation that entrusts this task to the provinces.” Wanting to have all the phases of formation within a single province is not, therefore, something that can be justified. (330) In the light of choosing and preparing well the formators, I suppose, and pooling other resources as well.
And then: take good care of the initial formation communities, strengthen the centres of study, PREPARE FORMATORS AND NOT ONLY PROFESSORS, make sure that the communities are vital and alive, strong in faith, radical in their following of Christ. (330)

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