In Love We Find the True Self

Movie Review: Fault in Our Stars (2014) (English)fault-in-our-stars-landscape-poster

This afternoon amidst lot of activities I thought of watching Fault in Our Stars. It was really awesome.  The movie is an excellent romantic love story, with positive strokes every moment; it is a true love story of commitment and dedication for what you are. Though we find ourselves in difficult situations, we often do not look into us, rather move by the comments of others.

A deeper experience of love can help you accept what you are, not being carried away by the like and comments by the other. The beauty of you is you not in what you make of you for the other, in depth value it.

The movie also can challenge the way we look out for external without value, being found themselves affected by cancer their concern is for each other. The beginning of the movie also depicts how the feeling of love can change the attitude of one. In love we find the true self, in deep love we accept ourselves as we are.

It was a wonderful watch, I suggest this movie for all young people.


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