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Movie Review: Queen (2014) (Hindi)

Queen Poster

This evening I was watching the movie queen. The movie is quite cool and interesting one. The movie expresses the story of a girl who is cheated by a man after a long love the day before the marriage.

Who decides your life? Who is responsible for your life? The movie addresses some of the basic questions that are faced by the Indian women (in a defined social structure) in special way. The questions are raised in a thought provoking and interesting manner. However the answers suggested need to be further discussed. The movie comes under a feminist tittle; however I have my personal disagreement to the same. It is true that in the movie speaks of how a woman affirms herself over-coming something which can really put down someone.

However, the movie in way (though true at times) stereotypes the foreign culture from an Indian perspective. It also appears to me, by the end of the movie (it suggest in way) an adaptation of the same culture as a means to the issues mentioned.

I suggest the movie as one which raises questions for further discussions, especially on the raising women issues in India.


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