The pope to the UN: stop the tragedy in Iraq

On the terrible happenings in Iraq, the Pope has written to the Secretary General of the UN, the bishops conferences of Europe have requested the intervention of the Security Council, and the the council for interreligious dialogue requests all religious leaders, and especially Muslims, to distance themselves from the Caliphate.

The last is quite new: the facts are named, those responsible are named; and leaders are being asked to react publicly. All must condemn unanimously, without ambiguity, these crimes, and especially the use of religion to justify them. Clearly mentioned are the horrifying practice of beheading, crucifixion, exhibition of bodies in public places, and the barbaric imposition of female circumcision.

(From Luigi Accattoli, “L’apello di Bergoglio all’Onu: ‘Fermare la tragedia umanitaria’.” Corriere della Sera, 14 August 2014, p. 14)


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