Francesca Fachini: the Student Detective

Movie Review: Assassination of A High School President


Assassination of A High School President bring forth story of a Christian High school where the SAT’S are stolen, Francesca Fachini a student report for the newspaper is in search of the real culprits and how he saves the innocent and traps the real culprits. It is an adventure of Francesca Fachini who bothers nothing but the truth.

The subplots are well integrated to the main story line. The presentation of the movie is quite pleasant and enjoyable. However I feel that the movie has taken little extra freedom to underestimate the value systems of the student especially with regard to morality. However, the search for truth is always projected, the deceive side of every wrong is wonderfully presented by the girlfriend of school leader, which has an explanation even in the worst of exposure. Looking from another perspective the self-integrity of women need to be analyzed and clarified. At the first impression it did confuse me.

The story and the context is wonderful and it is a worth watching movie except for the exaggeration on the part of morality and values.


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