Book Review: Communist Manifesto

Marx, Karl & Frederick Engels. Manifesto of The Communist Party, 3rd ed.  Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1970

Source: Library


Communist manifest one of the important books which did make major changes in the world in very many ways quite dramatically. Karl Marx propose the basic principle of communism in this book, a work which has influenced millions of people, rich and poor , literate and illiterate, owners and works alike.

Analyzing the world and all in it from the point of view of class struggle (the varied forms of oppression) that were existing in the society Marx speaks of a free and socialist society where the proletarians are in control of things and situations in Communists Manifesto.

He sees the ruling class as the cause of problems and negativity in the society for they are not concerned about the working class. In their desire for money and famine they even look at the works as machineries, which in turn loses every individual characteristic of the working class. However, he did analyze the class struggle as a political struggle.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>It is true the book is captivating and needs to be discussed. However, I feel the need to raise a question; can the exchange of people alone solve the issue inequality and exploitation in the society?  What do I mean? Marx, proposed a formula in which the proletarians are in power, but what about the ruling class which is going to be in oppressed then. Will it not be a mere reoccurrence of history? This seems to be a major question to be addressed in the book and in the history of Communism.


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