The well of providence is deep

Mt. 17: 14-20

The well of providence is deep but we often approach it with a small bucket. People flock when they hear of some special grace and blessings. There are even people who are ready to buy god’s blessings with money.

One age old incident goes like this; once up on a time in rural village people were struggling due to the heavy drought. After a long discussion and meetings being religious people they decided to conduct a special prayer session under the leadership of the parish priest. The people flocked for all were really in need of rain. Yet only a small boy came with the umbrella. Though the incident looks simply it is powerfully communicating its message; a message of true faith; a faith without conditions.

Can we believe in such degree? Is my faith strong enough to say I know my god will Grand me the graces. Faith is not about praying for things, rather it a believe that what prayed for is granted.


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