Movie Review: 72 Model (Malayalam)

72modal_mThe movie wants to communicate the values of honesty and friendship. However the whole plot of the movie can confuse the audience in communicating the same. The movie begins telling the story of a taxi driver, who works had for the sustenance of the family, his attachment to the family members and the things are well depicted. The whole turn takes place once his son receives a huge amount of money which was hid in his vehicle by a group of thieves. How he deals with this money is the rest of the story. Some of the well-farmed dialogues on this occasion can give the audience a feeling of the younger generation towards authority and the corruption that exist in the society. With the help of two of his friends he starts a new business, though they make money the movie clearly depicts the tension the main character is undergoing. There is a tension that is made clear between the truth and the reality of life.

The story is made beautiful with the subplots, but at times the subplot takes prominence and the main story line is put into confusion. The movie also can be bit confusing in powerfully communicating its message.


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