Deep Faith

jesus-walking-on-water-benjamin-mcphersonMt. 14: 22-33

He (Jesus) said, “Come”.

To the horrified disciples Jesus says do not worry it is me. Hearing that Peter says then Lord let me come to you. The master says, “come”. Trusting in the Lord he walks courageously on the troubled see for he sees only the master and hears only his words come.

But soon he looks around and sees what he is doing and thinks of himself (a bit of selfishness in thought), I am doing it. Peter started to sink into the water, he calls out master help me I am drowning, and Jesus calls him, hi man of little faith.

Where do I stand, how deep am I in my faith. Most often I too am like Peter I jump into the water then find myself as one with a shallow faith. The depth of my faith can be judged only by the actions I do.


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