Underestimated Audience

tv-shows-montageAre you ready to face the challenges on your way? Most often we are not, and we are not trained for the same. The way of living today is not one of facing the challenge rather one of escapism. We train ourselves to escape the challenges. The most influential source in the formation of human character today is the media (visual and social communication). However the studio execs underestimate the audiences. They limit themselves to shows and programme which is of lower quality. And consider the audiences to be satisfied with the same. The blind response of the audience to some of the low quality reality shows and programmes increase reason to believe so. They fail to see the hunger out there for something beyond escapism. On the part of the audience, they fail to express for their real needs and often satisfies themselves with what is offered, falling into a consumerist culture.

Who can raise the voice? who can tell who we are? And what we want? That is the only way to make the difference.


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