Book Review: Zatti: A Biography

Lappin, Peter. Zatti: A Biography. Mumbai: Tejprasarii Don Bosco Communications

Source: Libary

It is a life that inspired many and a life that will inspire many. We can sum up our lives as a collection of choices that we make. If the choice is good the result will be also so. The life of Bl. Artemis Zatti was one filled with the good choice, and for the once so close to God, namely the poor.

He was born in Botetto, Italy in 12 October 1880. Later he decided to become a Salesian and to dedicate his life for the young youth. Deep was this desire he entered the Salesian seminary in Bernal on 12 April 1990 with a strong desire to become a Priest. But God had different plans for him. However he could not go ahead with his studies due to his sickness and he was sent to Viedma there he becomes a Salesian Brother and started to take care of the new hospital that was started.

The love for the poor and he desire to serve who are sick becomes his sole aim in life. He was not worried about the payments and the money needs to be spent for the poor rather he really saw Christ in every person who sought his help. The doctors testify that Zatti had a special grace to heal the sick most often the patients abandoned by all the other doctors would be healed by the care of Zatti.

All his life he dedicated for the service of the poor. After 40 years of work when Government decided to pull down his hospital building he stood calm taking all the pain by himself, obedient to the will of his superiors.

His life is a model to the young generation and a great model for every Salesian bother.

Some Quotes…

“It is your duty to call me and it is my duty to go” (33)

If only the people with the money would let some of it go! As long as I life I’ll never understand the rich. Many of them hold on so tightly to their money they won’t spend it even on themselves! But why? Money of itself is useless. It has to be put to good use; otherwise, it’s as it didn’t exist. (36)

Without the Blessed Sacrament what’s left? (44)


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