St Alphonsa, A Short Introduction

stampsSt Alphonsa was born on 19th August 1910 in Kudamolor as the 4th child of Joseph and Mary. She was baptized on 27th of August as Anna. Unfortunately her mother passed away soon after her birth, an aunt turn to be her foster mother. She was very strict with Annakutty, even her slightest short coming used to lead her to serious punishments. Though strict she was Annakutty remembers with love that all she experienced from her aunt.
In her days of schooling she was an ordinary child, nothing exceptional to mention about her holiness. On her first confession, a Carmaiite nun told her child you must become a saint. This inspiration carried then on, in her life. However she was quite sure that her desire will only bear fruits If and only if she becomes a nun. Yet none of her arguments had any value- her aunt was busy planning a married life for beautiful young Annakutty.
She tried many ways to change the mind of her aunt but nothing worked out. Until one day she decided to disfigure herself to destroy her beauty. She put her foot into the bonfire. However the physical suffering was severe it took a long time for her to recover r from it. But her desire was granted. She entered a clarist convent and took the veil on 2 August, 1928 under the name Alphonsa of Immaculate conception and in 1930 she received her habit in Bharanaganum. As a true bride she brought all the ornaments kept ready for her marriage to offer to her bridegroom
However this was the begging of a period of suffering in her life and most often the illness serious that the worst was feared. The heaven can to her help, when there were no other ways. Yet the painful illness followed each other; typhoid fever, double pneumonia, a dramatic nervous shock etc. however for this was an expression of the Love of God. She once said “ I feel that the Lord has destined me to be and oblation, a sacrifice of suffering…I consider a day in which I have not suffered as a day lost to me.’ This happiness prevailed till the end of her life. She brought her earthily journey to a close in the convent of Franciscan Clarist at Bharanagamun at 12: 30 on 28th July 1946.
She was proclaimed blessed by Blessed pope John Paul II in Kottayam on 8th February 1986 and she was canonized on 12th October 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI.
St. Alphonsa Said:
  • All others in the convent have their difficulties. But, only for me there is no grief. Thus do I lose the fervor of my love for god, and, consequently, all the graces too?
  • Her prayers constantly expressed her love of sacrifice and suffering for the glory of God. Oh my Jesus, hide me in the wound of thy sacred heart. Rid of me the desire to be loved and honored. Deliver me from the mean pursuit of honor and fame. Humiliate me until I am almost nothing- until I become a spark in the fire of the love burning in thy divine heart. Give me the grace to free my mind of all creatures including myself. My Jesus, sweet beyond all description, transform all my worldly consolation into bitterness. Jesus, sun of Justice! By Thy divine rays clarify my thoughts, illumine my mind, purify my heart, consume me in the fore of thy love, and thus make me one with thee.
  • “I have given myself up completely to Jesus. Let him please himself in his dealing with me. My only desire in this world is to suffer for love of /god and to rejoice in doing it.”

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