Purpose of Education…

carrying School BagWhat is the Purpose of Education? It was a wonderful discussion that we had in the class today. Today I stated a new course for the third year students of philosophy. To place ourselves on the right track we were discussing about the purpose of education.

There were varied answers, may be because, they are students of philosophy that they gave me all reasonable and the right cause of education, in the world of ideas. Such as integral development, formation of human person, social responsibilities and so on until one acknowledged that today the sole aim of education is to score mark. For so called bright future. Students are no more students rather the production center of marks.

Sadly, the competition to achieve marks and authority in society has even challenged the moral values of the educated. The so called educated are on constant fight with each other or with the social system so that they may gain maxim profit for their selfish motives. It is also noted that most of the notorious crimes are committed by the eEducationducated, and even they make use of their knowledge to do to the best.

We are on further discussions?

But I would like to ask

What is education?

What is the purpose of education?

Can one attain wisdom through education?

Is education equals to books?


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