“Karunapuram: Students Donate Blood to Save Lives”

Blood Donation
Blood Donation

On July 8, 2014 the students of Vishwa Jyothi Don Bosco College, Karunapuram (in the Salesian Province of Hyderabad) willingly came forward to donate blood. The donation was made possible through the cooperation and collaboration of the Indian Red Cross Society, Warangal, under the slogan ‘Donate Blood – Save Life’. In all 62 students of Philosophy donated blood. This generous donation was agreed to by the heads of all the institutions whose students converge at Don Bosco, Karunapuram for their philosophical studies

The team of the Red Cross, comprising of a leading Doctor and five other medical personnel, were quite inquisitive about the serene and joyful atmosphere prevailing in the campus. They not only admired the very act of giving blood but the way in which the students went about it. On being informed that the students were all involved in a process of training for a life-long service, they were very much touched and all the more appreciative of this voluntary gesture.


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