Program of Life

Lk. 9: 22-25

If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me…

Jesus proposes a 3 steps to follow him closely, especially during this season of lent

1. Deny Yourself

Looking into our lives we see that desires are the cause of every sin. The desire to gratify the self, defines our actions most often. However it is also important to love the self but it should never become a worship of the self. The penances and renunciations we do must help us to achieve this balance in life.

2. Take up Your Cross

Jesus obedient to the Father, though was a son of God took up the cross for our sake. He became a human, and did suffer on the cross for our sake. He did carry his cross till the end though it was difficult. Are we ready to carry our daily crosses, our little inconveniences? The joyful endurance of these can lead us close to God. It is not a sadistic mentality rather a positive out look to life.

3. Follow Me

As Christians, the above mentioned actions become meaningless, if we do not do it for the sake of Jesus, our Lord and master. So he says follow me, I will keep and guard you. In following the Lord we have nothing to lose and gain, rather it the essence and meaning of our very own existence. It is here that we find our true self and happiness.


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